Dear friends of Shum Davar band and fused folklore!

Before COVID-19 froze all culture and free movement around us, we managed to record some new pieces during magical days around February 20, 2020 and we are preparing an album we want to call Folklore One.

Look forward to great guests: singers Iva Marešová and Anežka Altmanová, Adam Černík, folklore violinist from Hradec Králové, and great photos by Patrick Marek.

The entire Folklore One project will be visually accompanied by the motif of handmade craft textiles that represent honest human work, fibers of different colors, joined together in a solid unit that make a people’s life better today, as well as hundreds of years ago.


When the events around us calm down a bit, we ask you for support in crowdfunding, similar to 3 years ago on the album Tbiliso. By participating, you will support us and give yourself and your loved ones a piece of what we have created. Release is scheduled for October 2020!

We will combine tradition and the present, Europe and the East, music and images and with a team that has the ambition to CREATE AND DISTRIBUTE THE UNRESTRAINED MUSIC, verified by centuries!

We have finished (and paid) rough recordings of audio and video, post-production is running. We will do it by all means and your financial assistance will be crucial.


Look forward to the old music in new garments, pictures of beautiful oriental carpets and original costumes of musicians from the creative party workshop:


Shum Davar playing at your event?

Shum Davar (BY, GE, SVK, CZ)